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1. We check mail and submit orders on a daily basis. Once we get your order, it begins the processing period. This may be just a few days or it could be a couple weeks. So you SHOULD receive your products in about a week, however, some factors may play a big role so PLEASE ALLOW 5-12 business days to receive the merchandise.

2. High school jerseys are always shipped by USPS. Shoes are shipped usually by either USPS, UPS or TNT.

3. We can now ship WORLDWIDE!!

4. We only place/process orders on business days. (Monday-Friday)

5. We can ship to APO addresses, PO boxes, etc.!

Return Policy

1. We will exchange and refund in certain circumstances. We hold the right to make the judgment. If we ship the wrong shoes, then you ship them back to us and we will correct. If your shoes are out of stock then we will ask for you to rechoose or we will refund.

General Information

1. Liquid Kicks has no affiliation with Nike, Gucci, Jordan, Burberry, or Timberland.

2. All shoes are factory variants, All items are brand new. Yes THEY ARE FAKE

3. Shipping/handling is included in the prices!

4.When you order and you pick your true size

5. NBA logos on the shoes are HEAT PRESSED.

6. High school jerseys are made of 100% nylon. The letters and numbers are screen-printed on the jersey.

7. The Mitchell and Ness jerseys are made of 100% polyester.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can you get any other sizes like women's, kids, or large men's?

- Sorry but all we have is what are showed. Some items have other sizes available, but what is available, is listed.

2. What kind of deal can you give me? Can you hook me up?


3. Are your shoes fakes or knock-offs?

- Yes, our shoes are factory variants. We do not advertise them as being authentic. We just advertise them as high quality replicas. They are made in China, just like the authentics. The thing is, with variants, you also have UNRELEASED COLORS AND STYLES! They are not the originals, but they can be their own originals in the sense that there is no other pair that has came out like yours!

4. Once I order, how long will it take for my shoes to arrive?

- It usually takes around 1-2 Weeks

5. How much is shipping & handling?

- All prices include all shipping and handling fees!